Rats from the Bay

An alchemical puzzle

Mellow and Dae Draug were hired by Armekk at the Turgid Unicorn to find his missing stockboy, who had disappeared from the basement while investigating food disapearances.
Mellow found blood and signs of a struggle, leading to a tunnel behind some shelves.

They found the tunnels opened into the catacombs and sewers beneath the city. They were swarmed by bats! Dae Draug tried to eat one, but later spat it out whole. Mellow chased them off with their torch.

After a slapstick encounter with some smugglers, they retreated to hire a half orc merc named Grom Hellscream, who was open to helping for a price.

After smashing some rats, one of which Grom cleft in twain, they heard some whimpering and followed it to find the stockboy, bloodied, in rags, and bitten by something nasty. He begrudgingly led them to the room where he had been kept.

Within they found a dead man on the floor, a smashed bottle, and some odd alchemical errata. On a table they found a journal detailing experiments with a “cure” and another bottle, unbroken.

Suddenly, a hideous sound caused them to turn, just in time to see the stockboy turning into a horrible were rat. Grom held it at bay while the adventurers deduced a solution: the bottle! They shoved it in the were rats mouth, and the potion rapidly returned him to his human form.

The stockboy was brought home safe, and the heroes got paid. A successful mission!


wandergnomad wandergnomad

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