Puppies n Kittens

Mid day at the Turgid Unicorn. Mellow is at the bar having a drink, Grug is hanging out at a table, and Gimme has just come downstairs with a whore on each arm, happy as a clam.

A rich looking man stormed in, stating that he needed some sell swords, as the guard here were useless. Mellow and Gimme were happy to make some coin, Gimme in particular negotiating hard, while Grug was more reluctant. Grug ultimately decided to join in order to save the man’s daughter, as it was a good cause, giving his share to the other two.

The man’s daughter, Elysia Sturmhand, disapeared while out riding. The guards, knowing her rambunctious reputation, stated she was probably off with some young man. However, her horse, Erebus, was found near the Old Town district bridge, near the goblin district of Hobb Town. The man figured the goblins had taken her, as she would never leave her beloved Erebus to wander.

The party went off to Hobb Town to shake down the goblins. They first encountered a goblin merchant selling rat-on-a-stick, whom Grug intimidated. Gimme talked him down, bought some rat, and he told them he remembered the horse but didn’t see anything, and to try the hoodlums playing dice on the corner, as they were always out.

The hoodlums, assuming an easy mark, let Gimme in to play. She used sleight of hand and worked them over, making an easy pile of money. In the end she got them to divulge some info about the pendant Elysia had been wearing, the emblem of house Sturmhand, which a friend of theirs had found and was selling in the Goblin Market past the Gobble Inn.

True to form, they scared the crap out of the merchant. It came out that he had simply found it in an alley. He attempted to get a high price for it but in the end got a few coins. Sensing the goblins were staring and preparing for trouble, the party left to investigate the alley.

In the alley they found torn silks, and dried blood. As they followed the blood trail, a hulking creature appeared and attacked. The fight was grueling, and at one point Gimme inadvertently healed it with a witch bolt. As it turns out, Flesh Golems heal from lightning! They slew it, and Grug hacked it into hamburger out of rage. They found a strange silver ring in the remains.

The trail ended on the street, but a passing beggar was able to relay some info regarding the dangers of Blackstone Manor, once a squat but no more. She used Thieves Cant to do this, after Gimme picked up a trace of it in her speech.

The only other person out at this time was a merc guarding a warehouse, whom Gimme seduced and buttered up quite easily. He didn’t know much, just rumours of pets and people vanishing and strange things in the night.

The heroes, bloodied but unbroken, marched on to Blackstone Manor. Grug snuck up the street rather unstealthily, and investigated the grounds. The other two followed suit. Grug took the the front door while Mellow and Gimme went around the left side of the house. In the stable they found an undead warhorse, which they left locked inside. Grug kicked open the door of the house and stormed in.

Mellow and Gimme were attacked by a zombie cat, which they dispatched handily, melting it with acid. At this moment Grug found a zombie in the main dining room of the manor; his thrown axe dropped it instantly. Gimme and Mellow charged in, hearing the sounds. As this happened, a pair of zombie dogs came crashing through the windows. The dogs nearly felled the party, laying Grug out first. In the end they persevered, but would need to rest a while afterwards before continuing.

After recovering from the grueling battle, they investigated the house, finding little, In the drawing room, a crawling claw dropped onto Gimme, clawing her face. After killing it, they regrouped in a library of sorts, full of dusty books on Necromancy and the undead, which none could make sense of.

Upstairs they found little except rats, who informed Mellow of the new danger in the cellar.

The cellar was where it all came together.

They found a closed door. Using magic, they killed the torches and slammed the door open. Within was a necromancer working over a young womans body on an altar. The party did not catch him unawares. The commotion upstairs gave him time to prepare.

The necromancer pulled a skeleton from a bag at his hip and animated it. When it hit the floor he cast Enlarge, doubling its size. The battle raged! Gimme cast Witch Bolt, and then was hit by a Ray of Sickness and barfed violently, but maintained her spell on the necromancer. Grug vanquished the skeleton, and the necromancer brought out another. This time he shrunk Grug!

Mellow shot him through the throat and the battle came to and end. The necromancer crawled to the altar and chanted one last spell, smearing his blood on Elysia and channeling magic into her.

They discovered a journal detailing the necromancers pining from afar for Elysia, her accident, and her attempts to save her. He had been too late, she had been dead to long to revive fully. There was no mention of how he’d succeeded in the end. The spells and magical writings were incomprehensible to the party.

They walked away with a bag of holding, some off loot, a spellbook, and one confused girl with a serious head wound. Before they returned to the Sturmhand estate, they took the time to clean her up and hide the wound, suspecting she wasn’t all the way alive and might not net the full reward.

In the end Sturmhand was more than happy to have his daughter back and paid them handsomely. The party got their loot and Elysia lives another day. Or does she?


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