I Didn't Choose The Hag Life

Murder Hobos Gonna Murder

Our errant heroes (and I use that term loosely) managed to meet a bog unicorn, who appeared behind Norwood after he got poisoned by a huge snake. The unicorn stabbed him with its horn, curing him.

They asked him about the witch. Apparently the swamp had corrupted and poisoned her, much as it had corrupted the Unicorn into a Bog Unicorn. Fortunately he was immune to poison and able to cure it with his horn. He assured them if they passed off a Black Dragon tooth as his horn, the toxic acid venom within would destroy the witch and they could take what they needed. He happened to know that the local Black Dragon had died recently in the Burnt Swamp to the northeast, slain by another chromatic dragon in a great battle in the skies above the swamp.
While they were extracting teeth, they heard an odd sound of a creature howling. This led them to a hugecave entrance shrouded in vines. Within they found waist deep water, and at the far end they found just out of the water, a mud nest with huge broken egg shells and a Black Wyrmling sitting in the mud, howling with hunger.

Gimme tried to approach it slowly, cooing to it and it let her get within arms reach. Suddenly from her left, its sibling burst out of the water and attacked!. In the ensuing fight she painfully discovered that black dragons can spit acid as well as bite, and it nearly cost Gimme her life.

They subdued the dragon Wyrmlings, and opted to capture them. The logic was that they could raise them and teach them to not be evil. Gimme also mentioned some party members had evil leanings and they were ok…

Upon their return, the unicorn was horrified and bade them kill the dragon babies. They refused, and he drove them off.

After that they made a quick visit to the swamp witch, or rather her “daughter” Wigela, who was outside hanging laundry. The witch was apparently sleeping inside their hut, and quite ill. She was too ill to come talk or help them, and needed medicine. Wigela implored them to get the Unicorns horn to.cure her mother so her mother could aid them and furnish a boat.

They agreed, deciding he was an asshole anyways, and went off the kill unicorn despite having the tooth needed to trick the witch. The unicorn wasn’t going to play nice. He summoned crocodile backup and the battle was on. In the end they butchered it, took the horn, and fed the unicorns meat to the baby dragons, who relished the corrupted celestial flesh.

Upon returning to the witch they demanded she come out and parlay. Wigela went in the hut and the witch came out. When they asked for her to be present as well, the witch blew them off, saying Wigela was making tea and busy.
After some negotiating she placed the folding canoe on the ground and held out her hand for the horn.

They decided to use the dragon’s tooth instead of the horn, and stabbed her with it. The witch, betrayed by their greasy shenanigans, howled with rage, began changing shapes, including into Wigela for a moment, then fled into her hut. The hut stood up on its massive chicken legs and fled into the swamp at unbelievable speed, leaving the folding canoe behind.

They now have a boat, two of the most evil babies ever, and putrid Bog Unicorn blood on their hands.

What adventures await?


wandergnomad wandergnomad

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